Best alcoholic cocktails recipes

Best alcoholic cocktails recipes

Best alcoholic cocktails recipes

Wine, Catuaba, Champagne … There are several drinks known to have some aphrodisiac characteristics or to stimulate the pheromones. Alcohol itself is sometimes considered an aphrodisiac. So, to start the year 2017 with everything, here is a list of the seven drinks that you cannot fail to try if you are looking for a warm-up in your sex life: click here for related information.


With an alcohol content of 20-21%, Midori is a liqueur made from melon originating in Japan and currently sold in France and Mexico. Also, it is found in some wineries and the internet. And they say the drink contains pheromones in its formula.


The only canned drink on the list has been causing controversy since its release. All this because, according to the creators, those who take Yxsaiio exude pheromones that would help attract the opposite sex. Controversial aside, the drink is a combination of ingredients like pepper, guarana extract, caffeine and L-arginine. In São Paulo, it can already be found in several nightclubs.


Mamajuana is a very traditional drink in the Dominican Republic. In its composition it takes a mixture of rum, red wine and honey, besides some herbs and, even, barks of tree. When appreciated, the drink promotes energy gains, focus and concentration. Despite the demand, I still have not found it to buy. You can try to make it at home (there are several recipes on the internet drink), but the specific herbs in the region complicates the preparation for us.

Best alcoholic cocktails recipes

Lucky Devil

This is not just a simple drink. The combination was created by the Sex Museum of New York for Valentine’s Day and anyone who has experienced guarantees the aphrodisiac effect. The recipe, which takes, among other ingredients, cinnamon and saffron, you can check out the Epicurious website.


Juice of 1 lemon

1/4 cup granulated honey

50 ml of cinnamon elixir *

50 ml of cardamom elixir *

50 ml plain syrup

50 ml of sparkling water


Cinnamon Elixir (1 tablespoon cinnamon powder, 2 cinnamon sticks, 450 ml water)

Cardamom Elixir (1 tablespoon whole cardamom pods, 450 ml water)



Created originally by the Astor bar, the mixture mixes sparkling and vodka with ingredients such as strawberry liqueur, rose syrup, in a quick preparation.


30 ml of vodka

15 ml of strawberry liqueur

10 ml of lemon-sicilian juice

10 ml of rose syrup

1 tablespoon raspberry

Sparkling wine



Besides an aphrodisiac, it is also believed that the drink helps to heal that hangover. Michelada is a Mexican beer with some different ingredients, like English Sauce and Pepper. For those who want to try, although it is not commercialized in Brazil, the drink can be prepared at home.



Lemon juice

5 drops of English sauce

3 tabasco drops

150 ml of beer

Lemon and salt to pass on the edge of the glass

Orgasm Drink


The drink, originally named, was created along with orgasmic day (July 31) in 1999 by networks of British sex shops to stimulate business and encourage debates about female sexual pleasure. The recipe takes ingredients well known for containing aphrodisiac substances like peanut and catuaba.


20ml of vodka

1 tablespoon roasted peanuts

20ml condensed milk

10ml of catuaba or common wine

Chocolate syrup

Ice to taste